Month: May 2013

I’m Not Dead Yet!

No, really. Right here. Didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. Truth is, I forgot I was supposed to be blogging. I’ve been super busy crocheting and keeping up with these crazy children of mine, and sometimes things get neglected.

Like myself. Sometimes I forget to eat, drink, and even BREATHE when things go a little haywire. (The non-eating thing would be acceptable, by the way, if it was coupled with weight loss. But alas, alack…you get it, right?) Point is. I’m NOT dead yet. So I need these things. Food, water, a little O2? That’s sustainability at its basic, right? WRONG-O, my friends! How about a little down time? Sure crocheting is relaxing, blah blah, meditative, blah blah. Clearly these people have never had crunching deadlines and two booties that *somehow* didn’t quite match. Don’t get me wrong, I love to crochet. I am thankful for the business. However…

I need a Wonkaland full of pure imagination and chocolate that won’t make me feel guilty about raising America’s obesity statistics. I need some parallel universe where Terrible Two’s and Thunderous Three’s are actually Terrific Two’s and Tranquil Three’s.

Or how about a Pacific Island? A cabana boy to turn down gently as I pat his fat, oily, naturally-tanned-but-yet-melanoma-free bicep… AHEM. I’d say, “I’m so sorry, Emmilio,” (Because Emmilio is not actually a native. He was castaway from his South American country like those Saudi guys who were just too dang good-looking to be citizens.). Anyway, I was saying, “Sorry, Emmilio, but I am married. No…No…don’t be so sad. Someday a woman with just as many stretch marks and with much wider child-bearing hips will come your way, and you WILL love again.”

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